How to let the user resize fonts

ryanherr Community Member Posts: 61
Thanks for the kind words, folks. The irony is, we ended up not using this feature at my company. There was no way to make it work on pages with questions. Questions are made up of lots of little textboxes and form elements. When you change the font size, textboxes are not repositioned and resized fluidly, they just stay fixed in place and size. So if you enlarge the text on a question, then you've either got text busting out of their containers and overlapping each other, or you've got lots of vertical scroll bars on each single line of text and parts of the fonts obscured. (Which scenario you get depends on whether or not you check "show vertical scroll bar" on the textboxes.)You can always disinherit the font resizing buttons and functions from pages where it will break the layout. But, we determined that it may be too confusing or frustrating to the learner to continuously yank away that functionality from them.Edited By: Ryan Herr on 2008-7-24 9:35:14