Exit Tite/Close Window not working

dlevy Community Member Posts: 7
Denton,How are you testing your AICC pages? Are you testing them within the LMS or simply on your local machine or an internal server?The reason I ask is that once you publish to AICC, the course will begin to behave differently. We generally post our courses in html on a test site for QA. Everything will function properly. Once we publish to AICC or SCORM, however, and post to the same site, the courses will typically hang at the same point you are describing (the submit score). I think the page tries to submit and waits for an LMS response which doesn't come. For this reason, we typically publish to html for all but the final round of QA. Of course, if you are testing your course from within the LMS, then this explanation doesn't apply.Hope this helps.Jay
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