trouble hiding text with transition

kelechim Community Member Posts: 117
No, Ben, I did not simply duplicate the audio file. The audio file will be slightly different from the wording and is being recorded by my client instead of me. I also opted not to simply hide the button until the audio file was done playing- as my background in adult learning theory simply wouldn't let me handle the issue this way. I am picturing one hostile learner clicking the button over and over again until it works--like I do in the elevator. I am suggesting to client that the text remain static. That gives a learner more control anyway. I hate when I have to wait for text to display. I am more visual than audial anyway...but I know not all people are.Hopefully, the client will allow the text to become static which fixes entire problem. Also Lectora developers are aware of the issue and maybe they'll put in a fix. :)Thanks for your suggestion Dave.Michele