Semi-Opacity Graphic Workaround

kelechim Community Member Posts: 117
Warning: If you don't understand graphics or work witha graphic editor program this will probably be as clear as mud to you. If you do, though, this is pretty cool trick.If you are creating graphics in Photoshop Elements or comparable program and you use semi-opacity settings to make graphic look sort of blended together, but you find that your transparent textboxes(made in Lectora) are showing up ever so slightly when you lay them on top of the graphic- here is a fix.When creating a graphic in, say, Photoshop Elements, make some small item you can leave in the picture at full opaque setting -but make sure the rest of the layer is transparent. That way the top layer is opaque yet you can see through it. Save as a png. Now your transparent TBs created in Lectora shouldn't show up in the least.Alternatively, I am guessing you could also just create a transparent layer set at full opaque with nothing in it- just put this layer on top and save as a png.I have not tested this yet. Edited By: kelechim on 2007-12-20 10:54:11