Option to Publish to Flash

dave0258 Community Member Posts: 102
I'm glad to see a few additions to this thread, though I wish there were more. In my opinion, outputting each page as a single Flash file (like Articulate does) would be the single biggest improvement to the product that the developers could make.Photoman52beta characterizes HTML pages as "clunky," and I think there's an element of truth there.As we near the end of 2008, I wonder about two things. First, will there be a Lectora 2009 that's truly worth upgrading to (or will it be a new "legacy" product out of the box)?Second, why don't we see any comment or feedback from the developers? The forum has a whole section devoted to "Notes from the Developers" ("Come here to find out about product updates directly from our developers!")that hasn't had a post since May of 2007 and that one wasn't even product related. The last product-related post was in July of 2006.So I guess this is a little bit of a challenge for the developers to be more engaged and pro-active in the forums -- and whether a suggestion like a Flash output is a good, bad, or indifferent idea, say so and explain why or why not. And in fairness, I think Trivantis folks have done a good job of problem-solving in the forums when users have problems. I know they've helped me more than once.Okay, "soapbox off." Have a great day, everyone!Best Regards,Dave