Option to Publish to Flash

dave0258 Community Member Posts: 102
In Lectora 2008, there's an option to convert audio, video, and picture files to Flash during publishing.Why stop there? Why not provide the option to publish the entire title to Flash output?This would solve a few ongoing issues. For example:-- The different browsers and browser versions would no longer be an issue in terms of how the output plays. WYSIWYG would really be just that.-- The need to stick to "standard fonts," in case the users' machine didn't support "non-standard" fonts would go away.-- Playback of voiceover and screen elements would be reduced to a single process; right now these are independent processes running at the same time. I think this would greatly improve the accuracy of syncronization in the published title.I'm sure there are other advantages; perhaps others in the forum can add to the list.Best Regards,Dave