Option to Publish to Flash

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Ben Pitman wrote:

Why stop there!   Why not develop the whole thing in Flash and save the price of Lectora?
It is true that anything you can do in Lectora can be done in Flash. And you can do it with greater flexibility.But, Flash has an immense learning curve compared to Lectora. Where Lectora shines is in its ease of use. You can do very basic concepts in Lectora, and you can expand to greater interactivity. Also, Lectora comes with several procedures and tricks that save a lot of time. One of the features that we Lectora developers take for granted might take only 5 seconds to create in Lectora, but it might take 15 minutes in Flash. That may be one reason why some courses are not developed wholly within Flash. I am still picking up more and more Flash programming, but I can see myself still using Lectora. In fact, I suspect that in a couple of years, I'll find myself using Lectora as a framework to create most of the interactions I need. For more complex features, I might create a SWF within Flash and embed it within Lectora. A SWF output would be pretty cool. I could see some use in that.Kevin