Change Properties for Multiple Objects

attyngould Community Member Posts: 21
Being able to change common properties on multiple objects (both in and out of groups) would be a HUGE time saver! I just had to do tons of that manual stuff to accommodate the change I made to the "exit warning" functionality in my templates and it took a lot longer than it needed to do that because I had to make a bunch of objects not initially visible anymore and then a bunch of other objects always on top and then deselect the always on top setting from a bunch of other objects. Having to open each and every object to do this was a real pain (and it was especially annoying that, for the 10 objects that had been grouped together, I couldn't just set the group's property to not initially visible, rather than having to set each individual one).I'm not sure that I necessarily want a properties pallette (or at least it should be optional), since I already have enough stuff taking up space on my screen. I don't mind having to ctrl-click a bunch of objects and then just open *one* Properties dialog box -- it's having to handle each and every object separately that drives me nuts.Laura