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Flash Audio - talking over each other

rhall01 Community Member Posts: 105
It's been a while but our team ran into something like this back when we used 2007. We had three buttons that each were supposed to play a seperate swf file (captivate) containing audio and if you clicked on two or more buttons before one file was done playing the audio would overlap.Ultimately what we did to solve the problem was somewhat easy. First I created a swf file that was a single frame with no sound and all black (or whatever color you wanted)and I named it "dummySWF". I set the page up so that dummySWF file loaded first. So it plays itself from the start, which is nothing since it is a single blank frame. Next, I can't remember the exact actions but in essence for all the three buttons you create an action to "replace contents" or "change contents" (or whatever it's called) targeting the dummyswf and running or replaciing it with whatever you wanted that specific button to play. I'd have to open up that old course to remember exactly.
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