Flash Audio - talking over each other

rhall01 Community Member Posts: 105
Flash audio is great to use, but I'm not the brightest at figuring it out. I'm using Lectora 2006 and publishing to HTML and ultimately to SCORM/Learn.com.Here's the deal: I've got 3 buttons on a page, all of which are set to play a different swf audio file. I can play the swfs fine but if I click button1 then click button2, it plays audio2 right over the top of audio1 (same for audio3). How can I stop the current audio and only play the new audio? I've tried putting them in a group and stopping the group first but it's not working.Here's what I've tried.- swfs are all set to initially invisible.- swf1, swf2, swf3 are all in a group "Audio".Actions on each button:- on click: stop Audio- on click: show swf- on click: play swfThis doesn't work - the swf1 doesn't play. It does work if I remove the "stop Audio" action, but then swf1 plays on top of swf2 and swf3 if I press those buttons. I've tried the above both in HTML preview and also published to a web server.What am I missing?Thanks,Russ
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