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Horizontal Table of Contents w Dropdown?

jbridges Community Member Posts: 15
The company I am working for is currently looking into purchasing a new eLearning Development tool that supplies SCORUM compliance within the LMS as our tool we use currently does not. Lectora is at the top of our list and we're so far very happy with what it can offer but we are concerned about some things in concern with rapid development because often times we will have only a week or two to get an entire course out once us (the developers) receive the storyboard. In addition to looking into a new development tool we have decided to redesign our templates for our courses as well. I personally am helping to do this and many of the designs I like best use a horizontal menu bar/table of contents. The left or right hand nav just simply does not work for us. We implement Captivate, Raptivity and Flash videos into a number of our courses and we want to have as much horizontal and vertical real-estate as possible to minimize the need for scrolling in any direction but still being able to deliver for instance, software simulations that are actually legible. For the most part we've pretty much decided on a drop down list for our table of contents but I would like the ability to expand on this as in some of the designs, this does not flow well. Now for the actual question for this post: is there a way in Lectora to create a horizontal Table of Contents and possibly with drop downs for the sub-menus? I know there is a way to create a horizontal menu but as I said we as developers usually do not have very much time to even get all the content in there. We need a way to rapidly do everything else so we have time to drop in the text, pictures, and interactions.Sorry this was so lengthy but I hope it gives a better understanding of where I'm coming from and what our needs our at our company. Again we are very happy with Lectora but we haven't committed to a decision yet because we are concerned with some issues such as the one stated above in terms of rapid development. The rest of the issues have either been worked out or in the process of being worked out, this is something that just came to mind today after we got the go ahead to test out some of our new template designs in Lectora.
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