Trivantis Lec 2006 to Saba LMS

krixquet Community Member Posts: 136
I am not sure how to put this in words, but here I go...We have 2 Saba Publisher licenses and 1 Trivantis Publihser 2006 license. When our technician publishes from Trivantis and uploads to Saba 5.3 LMS and a learner participates in the course and takes the test at the end, it does not report the question text to the LMS, it only reports the answer text.If we publish from Saba Publisher, it does report the question text. Is there something we are doing wrong in our settings in the Trivantis version of publisher or is this a limitation? do you need more information to answer this question?Here are the settings in Publisher:Test Properties1. Grade the test is checkedSubmitting Test1. Button w/action      a. On Mouse click     b. Action - Submit/Score Test     c. Target - questionsWhen Publish1. Publish to Scorm/Web-Based2. checked "The published course will report test question interactions to LMS." Edited By: Krixquet on 2007-11-29 14:44:37
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