Talking to a Pop Up

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This question has been asked frequently: How do I communicate with a pop-up window when trying to go to the next page or close the pop-up window?You're only a few variables away. You must add an exit button, or some sort of user interface, to the pop-up in order for this function to work.First create a variable: Popup_Open with 0 as the default (0 signifies that the Popup window is currently closed and 1 will = open).On the pop-up window page, place an action on the page:     On: Show     Action: Modify Variable     Target: Popup_Open     Value: 1     Mod Type: Set Variable ContentsAdd another action to the exit button to reset Popup_Open to 0 when pop-up closes:     On: Click     Action: Modify Variable     Target: Popup_Open     Value: 0     Mod Type: Set Variable ContentsOn the main window, create an action group with 2 actions.The first is your desired action (GoTo Next Page, Close window, etc...). The following example goes to the next page.     Action: Go To     Target: Next Page     Condition: Popup_Open - Equal To - 0The second action will re-run the Action Group     Action: Run Action Group     Target: Name of Action Group     Time Delay: 0.5 seconds (adjust as required but remember that resources are being exhausted while this action is continually running)     Condition: Popup_Open - Equal To - 1To run the action group, add an action to the launch page.     On: Show     Action: Run Action Group     Target: Name of Action Group (above)     Time Delay: Use a delay here in order to keep the action group from re-running immediately (saving resources)Edited By: WeeOrg on 2007-11-26 11:53:44
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