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Reverse Student Name for Certificate

weeorg Community Member Posts: 29
I’ve heard several others comment on creating certificates and using the AICC_Student_Name field, but the name is always displayed Last Name, First Name. I responded to another thread on this topic and thought it was more appropriate to post in here as a true result.First, create 2 variables in your title:_ProperName, Default = Blank_TempName, Default = BlankNext, add an External HTML Object to your certificate page:Object Name: Cert NameObject Type: OtherCustom HTML:function Name_Switch(){var cname = Var_TempName.getValue();var pname = cname.split(",");Var_ProperName.set(pname[1] + " " + pname[0]);}On that same page, add the following actions:Action 1     On: Show     Action: Mod Variable     Target: _TempName     Value: VAR(AICC_Student_Name)     Mod Type: Set Variable ContentsAction 2     On: Show     Action: Go To     Target: Web Address     Web Address: JavaScript: Name_Switch()Action 3     On: Show     Action: Change Contents     Target: Name (text field on certificate)     New Contents: _ProperName     Delay before action: CHECKED – 0.5 secondsThis ought to do you just fine. I’m sure one of you brains can short cut this, so please identify improvements! Ben – you should be proud that I read your JavaScript document!!
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