Firewalls and Online Testing

dcappert Community Member Posts: 68
Without knowing your network topology, there are hundreds of possibilities. However, Here are the two most common firewall issues I run into:1) Your LMS and/or content server's IP address might be on a blacklist. Depending on the firewall configuration, the learner might receive the course content but be prevented from sending information to the LMS. You can try to get off the blacklist(s), but there are hundreds of blacklist vendors and most will not acknowledge that you are a legitimate content provider. It might be easier, faster, and cheaper to just get a new address.2) The firewall is not allowing some Java calls through. The hard part about testing for this is that MS JVM may work and Sun Java will not, or vice-versa. Unless you absolutely have to use Java, check the box to "Use JavaScript Title Manager" when publishing the course. This solved all of our networking issues related to the course not passing/reading variables to the LMS.Edited By: aron_d on 2007-11-12 13:18:56