Firewalls and Online Testing

dcappert Community Member Posts: 68
Hi Folks,Wasn't sure of where to put this, since it's not an actual Lectora issue, so here goes. We offer online quizzes to end users that may be taking them at home, within a business, or even in the military. We get occasional complaints from users who can't get their answers to save in the LMS, and from what we've determined, it's because there's a firewall blocking outbound events. It's extremely frustrating, because to our users everything should work with the simplicity of a light switch, and when it doesn't we're to blame for poor design. They don't seem to "get it" that we have no idea of what lies between their desktop and our server, and of course we certainly can't speak for it.Anyone here have any experience with this and have any support policies they'd share insight into? I've thought about developing a little widget to test users' answer-saving capability, but not sure they'd use it anyway. Thoughts, comments and suggestions are appreciated. Thanks in advance.