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ssimms Community Member Posts: 3
Hello everyone. I think this question belongs in the General section, nontheless, ssimms, if you are getting a [object] in the blank page it would seem you are using a javascript code to have a popup window?Are you creating a popup window by using either 1. Add Actions, to a text or button, 2. Hyper link a text and in both cases indicate "Open in New Window" and setup your Window Size and Screen Positions coupled with the HTML Only Properties? That is the easiest method. The "[object]" issue is what happens when the opener page is overwritten with the text, "[object]" or "[object window]" as a result of the open() method being directly invoked from the HREF attribute. To avoid the [object] oops, use the void operator in front of the method call: ...Instead of doing all that however, just use the New window properties.
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