windows media player on Lectora

janniert Community Member Posts: 21
45.7 MB for a seven minute clip is really large. When I use videos in my training it is much smaller than that. It isn't great quality or very large, but it's good enough to get the point across. One example is an 11 minute video that is 8.4 MB. The size is 320 X 240, the bit rate is 103kbps, and it is 15 frames per second. I received the file larger than that but used Windows Movie Maker to downsave the file. Not the best quality like I said, but it gets the job done. Just a thought that the size of the file might be causing some problems. I guess if you have a media streaming server the size wouldn't matter as much but I'm not that lucky just yet.Also, converting the file to Flash might just solve your problems - it might be worth a shot since Flash bypasses Windows Media Player and you never have control over how it's working. I looked on Cnet for you and there are some converters that would be worth trying as you can try for free. Ones you might try are Freez FLV to AVI MPEG WMV Converter 1.5 or Top Video to Flash Converter 2. Maybe try converting the file to Flash and testing it out to see if that was the problem.Edited By: rhall01 on 2007-11-2 12:3:31