Example of non flashing SCORM Course

nickm Community Member Posts: 50
Nick,Any luck in solving this problem? We've had the same problem since we started and a similar discussion went on a year ago or so with no resolution that I'm aware of. I too have noticed that Firefox doesn't repaint the background, just IE. I'd love to find a solution. I thought I saw a post from someone describing how to add a constant background using some javascript code, but I can no longer find the post. I'm wondering if it was deleted or removed? Back in the old ToolBook days one of our programmers figured out how to set one background for the entire chapter or course and that saved so much disk space. I wish Lectora could do the same.BTW, we see the flashing issue whether it's published to straight html and sitting on a web server or published to SCORM, which makes sense as they're both html. Same for you?Russ