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Andy -- thanks for the support and encouragement. There's no way I'm giving up on Lectora. I just find it frustrating. For example, on the issue in this thread, Trivantis leads me to belive in its documentation that Lectora is compatible with IE 6. And the documentation touts compatibility with these file types. So it's both a surprise and an embarrassment when I publish work for hire -- and it's not acceptable to the customer, even though it looks perfectly fine in my browser.Now, I understand it's a MS issue (and thanks to Craig for the excellent article). But there are a couple of things to consider.For example, does Trivantis know about this incompatibility? I think probably yes. Is there a fix? Apparently so, given the postings on this forum. But is it documented in the online help or user's guide? Not that I can find.That's the source of my frustration. By following the instructions, and meeting the specified hardware and software requirements, I felt I was "ambushed." And niether Trivantis or my customer is going to compensate me for that rework.Okay... soapbox OFF, and back to work. On a happier note, Lectora does do some neat stuff...Thanks for letting me rant,Dave
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