Abstraction and Published File Efficiency

sflowers Community Member Posts: 106
Hey Ben,I don't think you got my drift:) Yes, you do want those items to be executed on every page. But the difference is that the common items could be abstracted away from the page.For example:<25K of Javascript Code for core functions and title level functionality/><5K of page specific Code/>      vice:<5K of page specific Code/> Saving 25K per page (in this pseudo example) of stuff that could have been externally linked.All I'm saying on both fronts is that the package generation is not nearly as efficient as it could be - plus there's a lot that could be done with abstracted navigation logic (absolute links to a node tag / storyboard number from a Flash file) or a custom TOC, client side search facility, etc..Edited By: sflowers on 2007-10-28 14:46:5