Abstraction and Published File Efficiency

sflowers Community Member Posts: 106
Been away for awhile -- Started using Lectora again for a contract and have seen some great additions. Have also seen some things that stand to be improved.The first thing I notice is that the action items placed on the title level are included on every published page. This results in a ballooning of the HTML page for each screen / page published. This seems like it could be abstracted to external JS files and more efficiently assembled. Experiments reveal that even the most basic screen (no content) results in a 5K HTML file.The second thing I notice is that we are still using hardcoded navigation per page. This contributes to the file size (every little bit counts). Would like to see a more flexible output package - maybe a single HTML page per display assembly type, some simple AJAX type content switch functionality, and abstracted navigation logic (single XML file or JS file) would help to clean up the main directory and offer a modern structure that could be leveraged in a lot of ways.I see how we have gotten here, building largely on what has come before and supporting legacy machine specs and browsers. The option to move forward with cleaner more flexible outputs is a welcome option to more sophisticated users (certainly Trivantis' customer base is growing more sophisticated).Steve