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cwiggins Community Member Posts: 19
Ah, I knew there would be a topic about them. Well, here is my chance to say something about it.Overall, I think these examples are overdone. Why? I will explain.For example, take the farmaceutical company with the orange A. This example has great looks, and rather nice design and animation. All top notch and very fancy BUT, this has nothing to do with Lectora! In fact, its Flash before, Flash after, and Flash in the meanwhile. In fact, even the buttons for standard navigation are Flash. Take away the Flash elements and it leaves you with abosultely nothing but plain text, and perhaps some scorm variables.I am aware of the fact that Lectora since the 2007 version intergrates more with Flash, but the showcase is all about looks. Nothing but design there. I am a bit negative about this, simply because this does not add to functionality, and these cases/shows could have been build by any other application. In fact, I could rebuild those in Adobe Captivate and come up with the exact same thing. Heck... I could build it entirely in Flash since it accepts AS3 (Actionscripting language that Flash uses). Don't get me wrong. these examples look rather nice, and I take some inspiration from them, but none of them show the power of Lectora, only of Flash.How do you guys think of it?