Trivantis Course Development Services

cwiggins Community Member Posts: 19
I looked at a few. They are well put together. The Driving 101 course was busy to me, but considering the may not be a problem. I'm in my 30's and there was a lot of distractions for me, but I'm positive that a 16 year handles the visual overdrive differently. I like that they actually considered the crowd. That tells me that they're actually following an ISD process and doing they're homework before creating the course. The graphics for each course I reviewed fit the audience as well. Again, another example of doing their homework.Overall, I think they've done some great work. Ludo, I disagree with your point concerning the use of tools. The Trivantis Course Development Service isn't to showcase Lectora, it is to develop courseware. They're not there to sell more copies of Lectora. They're there to offer a service...course development.