Buttons/Text Boxes/Images not selectable

joejubee Community Member Posts: 323 ✶ Headliner ✶
In general, text blocks should not have on-click actions associated with them. If you want to make a piece of text clickable, it should be turned into a hyperlink, or a transparent button should be placed on top of the text.You must also be careful with your placement of objects on the page. If you have a text block that is overlapping an image, and that image has an action attached to it, the text block will essentially block the image from being able to be clicked.The issue with buttons is indeed a JAWS bug. We reported it quite some time ago. JAWS agreed that it was a bug, and apparently have done nothing to fix it. We have no further control over that functionality when running JAWS. Try holding the SHIFT key down while pressing ENTER on the keyboard with a button/image selected. I believe that will work.