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Thanks so much for your quick response!I tried it again today but it still doesn't want to work for me so I emailed support. Thanks so much for your help though! Re: SCORM 2004To be honest I have really been using it for a week now. We just got the directive that we "must" give our users the option to use's "offline player" in 2008 which means that all of our courses need to move from AICC to SCORM 2004 (the player only will play SCORM 2004 courses.)I honestly have no problem with SCORM 2004 EXCEPT that your users must go through that annoying Table of Contents at the beggining. And I have noticed that if they close the course mid-way through (utilzing the bookmarking) that the sytem doesn't realize they have quit and then makes them go through an annoying process to get back in to the course. You can kind of get around it by changing the settings on your course but it's still one more click for a user. However, the offline player is working so that's a plus :)Thanks again for your help!