solution for tracking % complete

lambert17 Community Member Posts: 68
As you probably know, Lectora does not support the optional SCORM element for course percentage. This was really important to one of my clients though. On reports, a course showed as either 0 or 100 percent complete and nothing in between. After trying a few things, the following was tested and works on HTML page in a published course contains an "init" function. Using an HTML editor or Notepad, manually set the completion percentage within the LMS by inserting the following call at the bottom of the init function:LMSSetValue( 'cmi.core.percent_complete', '##' )where '##' is the percent complete you want to set.Courses for this client contain multiple tests; we are manually setting the completion percentage (25, 50, 75) at the end of each test except for the final one where we are setting the completion status. Setting that as 'completed' updates the percentage complete to 100 anyway.Hope this helps someone. Jay Edited By: lambert17 on 2007-9-16 23:31:42