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You have a piece of text with gaps. The user has to complete the text by typing in a text field (fill-in-the blank). On one page there may be, say 20 text fields to fill in. Preferably the user can fill in the fields at random and record answer by pressing 'enter'. At the end of the exercise user presses a 'check' button and gets score and feedback. My problem in Lectora is how to insert multiple text fields on one page and track user performance. Some year ago I used a freebie software called Hot Potato created by Victoria University in Vancouver. They had an excellent template which produced HTML cloze tests with an extraordinary range of features and very low memory requirements. I built something similar in Authorware myself and would like to do the same in Lectora. Thanks for your help.


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    is there any way to create cloze tests?
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    You could fake it with multiple fill-in-the-blank questions on a single page, but the results would not be easy to interpret.
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    To expand on what @carlfink said.

    I had a similar situation.

    I had KC question which required the user to complete a line entry of a form correctly. I had 8 question items which were a combination of free text entry and multiple choice questions. These were all on one page on top of a digital form. It took some finangling but it worked out nicely in the end using bunch of if/then conditions and the such.

    We gave a point to only a fully correct entry. To do this, I had to calculate the KC score manually for each page because there were 10 question pages, but with the 8 entries on one of them it came out to 17 total.
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