HTTP:No server available

heatherbanerjee Community Member Posts: 4
At this point, yes and not yet. I believe I've effectively narrowed down the issue to AJAX, but I haven't truly proven the fix is effective yet.I searched down all the titles showing this symptom and found that each of them was published to use AJAX instead of Java. At that point, my choice was to re-publish/re-upload or to implement an "on-the-fly" fix offered up by JMiller. His post is I don't have some of the source files to the courses, I chose JMiller's solution. After implementing it, and attempting about 20 launches, I didn't see any invalid times come into the LMS. Granted, the issue is sporadic, and I'm keeping an eye on the courses over the next week.I would tend to disagree with the notion that it is your LMS. In our case at least, I've looked through our AICC logs which record the raw AICC communication coming from the Lectora course and the NaN and dashes are present there. I don't think it's the LMS mangling the data.