New Ways to Spice Up Boring Courses

olivebrudy Community Member Posts: 11
Hello All,I'm fairly new to this elearning curve. My organization currently creates courses using Lectora 2006 and publishes it in our Knowledgeplanet LMS. One of the problems that we're having now is employees complaining about the dull look and feel of our courses. In response to that, I'm really interested in learning how to add a little flash to some of our courses. Is this too big of a task to take on if you're not a 'Flash Expert'? Should we probably stick to our old boring way of creating our courses that are not as interactive. I don't expect to know how to create those top of the line, really interactive courses, but if I can learn how to create even an introduction page that has a little flash (animated title, slideshow pictures)that would be nice.Can anyone give me tips on how I would start out? I don't have a clue on how to begin (flash software, how it's done, etc)