New Ways to Spice Up Boring Courses

olivebrudy Community Member Posts: 11
Another easy to use tool is Raptivity isn't the limiting factor. Flash is overrated (IMHO). Captivate only works for software sims.But that said it is easy to add interactivity using actions. The main problem isn't Flash or other tools - it is creativity in Instructional Design. This isn't a criticism. It's a matter of thinking what will gain the user's interest and at the same time impart learning. You can create your own question types, crosswords, games, random events. Force the user to do something. "Click here to reveal something" "you can't move from this page until you do this or get that right". Make them explore. Set up scenarios. Use Show and Hide actions. Use animated gifs even.You said "I don't expect to know how to create those top of the line, really interactive courses". Well I say do expect to do that. Lectora can and you can. You don't necessarily need Flash.Good Luck!
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