New Ways to Spice Up Boring Courses

olivebrudy Community Member Posts: 11
To add some sizzle to the introduction, consider purchasing SwishMax. It's an inexpensive software program that allows you to create simple Flash animations like you are describing. And the learning curve to use it is much lower than with Flash.That said, look to your course objectives to make your eLearning less dull. What are you trying to teach? Build in interactions using Lectora question features, rollovers, popups, branching -- all things you can do within Lectora.You might consider also looking at how the courses are worded. Can you incorporate scenarios? Storytelling is an effective method for instruction and will engage the learner more than screen after screen of text statements.Also, do you have video or audio available that fits with your course objectives? Embedding different media can also give your course some sizzle while helping accomplish what you're trying to do.Hope this helps,JayP.S. Michael Allen's book, Guide to eLearning, provides good ideas. You can also find some resources on Feel free to keep posting questions or shoot me a PM if I can answer anything else.Edited By: lambert17 on 2007-8-30 14:20:15