Running Actions via Javacript/Captivate

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bruman wrote:

Hello David.Could you answer these questions?Tell me if this is wrong, but are all your files (Lectora and Captivate published files) hosted files on the computer and not a web server? You say that the address of the new window is on a web server. Does that mean that the Captivate swf is actually playing, but you are not able to launch the new window from the Captivate swf?If both answers are yes, then yes the ActiveX security is blocking the button from opening the new window. You would have to designate your swf or the location of the files as being a trusted file or location.Here is some information on that issue, with a possible work-around. Accessing local and remote sources on a hard driveI would however strongly suggest not changing the settings of computers to running such files locally.
I agree about not changing the security trusts, definitely out of the question in this case!I've been looking through the Adobe bits and pieces, but to no avail. It's definitely a Captivate/MS issue, I only posted here in the hope that somebody may have encountered the problem before.Thanks for trying to help. I'll post back here if I do solve the problem.