Running Actions via Javacript/Captivate

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WeeOrg wrote:

Your post is somewhat confusing. Are you saying that you are trying to open a new window within the Lectora published HTML file...and in that new window, a Captivate SWF plays? But in your case, the SWF is not playing?
I have a Lectora page that contains a Captivate SWF, both hosted on local user machines' hard drive, and they play fine. Inside the Captivate SWF is a button that is meant to launch an externally hosted web page, but the button does nothing. I've tried attaching some Javascript to the button, just a debugging alert box instead of the Captivate "open URL" behavior, and that doesn't run either.Ideally I want to run a Lectora action group, rather than just launch an external web page. That action group will do some tidying up of navigation elements and then launch the external web page. I thought that this could be achieved using Javascript, but I do admit that I haven't figured out what the call should be yet!The reason is that the end users' IT department has centralised servers and slow WAN connections, so I want to deploy the multimedia-rich eLearning modules on to local client machines, but to have the testing and feedback portions hosted on a web server. This way I keep the IT guys happy that I'm not eating all of their bandwidth, the users happy because the modules are engaging, and the training managers happy because they can see which evaluations their users have passed.Any help greatly appreciated.