Running Actions via Javacript/Captivate

davidswaddle Community Member Posts: 29
I'm trying to get a Captivate 2 project, embedded as an SWF in a Lectora 2007 project published to HTML, to launch a new web browser window taking the user to a web address. The Lectora HTML files are hosted on local hard drives, not a web server, but the address of the window that I am launching is on a web server.Any ideas?I think that this is a Captivate/ActiveX security problem really, but somebody might be able to suggest a workaround? The Captivate SWF does not seem to want to launch the window when embedded in a simple HTML file, so I assume that there is a problem with launching windows from a scripted ActiveX control, or something like that??I thought that a workaround might be to place a transparent button over the SWF file in Lectora, but this does not seem to work.Any ideas greatly appreciated.