Passing variable from server to Lectora

frustratedinmn Community Member Posts: 42
I'm trying to figure out how to pass variables from a server, into Lectora. Here's a brief overview of my situation. Our courses are used by 300+ organizations. Each organization is assigned a password, which is used by all learners within the organization. A learner links to the server and enters the password, which then displays the courses their organization is authorized to see. They click on the desired course and go into Lectora. When entering Lectora it will pass the learners password and the name of the course. Ultimately at the end of the course, the same password and course name will be passed back to the database along with the learner's name and test results. Does anyone know how to pass variables in or have any other ideas on how to achieve these results? I've tried creating variables in Lectora to receive the passed variables but it's not working.