Landscape Cert Printing: Idea / Question

agreatheight Community Member Posts: 74
OK, so I have been going around in circles with trying to find a method of printing a certificate landscape so that it covers the page, rather than portrait so that is can only fit on a small portion of the page. The support team at Trivantis wrote me the following info about the issue, "When printing from CD or EXE publish, regardless of page size, it will shrink the page content down to fit on one page and will print the footers."The past week I have been reviewing vendor built courses in my office and have seen a few that print full size landscape certificates, no footers. They all seem to be Authorware built and they utilize Adobe Acrobat in some function to accomplish. When you print the certificate, the PC will open Acrobat and print the cert, usually without even displaying the document in Acrobat (but the program launches). So my question is, can this be done in Lectora? Any bright thinkers out there who can think up any ideas on this? Would it need to involve another program besides Lectora and Acrobat, possibly Flash?Thanks in advance!Edited By: agreatheight on 2007-8-29 13:31:45