Using Flash to Navigate Flash Navigation

toryhornsby Community Member Posts: 14
Sorry for the redundancy in the title. I have seen several posts for help with using Flash to navigate. I thought this subject might be easier to find when searching for Flash interaction.Here are a few common codes for Flash navigation in Lectora:Flash button action for Previous on(release){                     Â¬â€ Â¬â€ getU RL (“javascript:trivPrevPage()”); } Flash button action for Next on(release){                     Â¬â€ Â¬â€ getU RL (“javascript:trivNextPage()”); } Flash button action for Home - or any specific Page (assuming your home is index.html)on(release){                     Â¬â€ Â¬â€ getU RL ("javascript:trivExitPage('index.html',true)");  & nbsp;} **To go to a specific page replace ‘index.html’ with correct pageExit button       on(release){         getURL("javascript:exitTitle() "); } Lectora “external HTML object, type: top of file Scripting” ‘test’ being the lectora title name. Open a New Window (this one isn't for Lectora, but could probably be modified?)on (release) {getURL ("'ShowPopup.php','newWin', 'width=400,height=300,left=0,top=0,toolbar=No,location=No,sc rollbars=No,status=No,resizable=No,fullscreen=No'); &nb sp; NewWindow.focus(); void(0);");}Hope this helps,Tory*The forum is adding spaces in some places... I can e-mail this to anyone who needs it.Edited By: tory.hornsby on 2007-8-17 8:26:39