Object Property Tabs

Our current LMS makes use of an tabbed interface -- each course has about 9 pages associated with it where you establish the properties associated with that course. To ease navigation, the LMS' tabs change (they have a little dog-ear corner to them) when the default state of the page has been changed. When trouble shooting a course, this allows you to open the course and quickly see which tabs have the dog ears, and thus where you need to look to fix the issue.I would like to propose something similar for the properties windows for objects within Lectora. For example, when you open the properties for an action, it would be nice to see something different with the tabs to let you know if either the Condition or Else tabs had content on them. I don't know if this would work with all object property windows, but thought I would throw the idea out for comment.Edited By: smithmarkc on 2007-8-15 9:12:9