Else tab for buttons

I'm using 2007 SP3a, and my Actions do have the Else tab. If you open up a button's properties, you have an "On Click" tab and a "Conditions" tab, but no Else tab. I was suggesting adding an Else tab to the properties of Buttons.Right now I have a knowledge check within a course. The student goes through 10 questions and then they get to a summary page that displays which questions they got right and which ones wrong. If they get the question wrong, they get a link to the question page to change their answer. Once they are on the question page, they change their answer button and then hit the "Next page" navigation button. It has an action that says "If the Summary page has NOT been visited, go to the next page ELSE go to the Summary page." I do this now by hanging actions off of the buttons. I thought it would be neat to have the Else function built directly into the buttons themselves instead of having to hang an action off of it.