Captivate 2.0 - "trivNextPage();"

futuredeveloper Community Member Posts: 57
Hello again.Just so I understand. You have created a button in Captivate with the command to Execute Javascript:trivNextPage(), then inserted the swf file (from captivate) into a blank page in Lectora, that will move to another page in Lectora? Did you try and publish the files and then test on a web server?I had problems running it on my computer because the browser kept blocking the application, but once I published and posted it on my server, it worked perfectly.The player bar should not be a problem. As long as you have copied over all the required Captivate files (skin, swf, standard.js, metadata, etc) and pointed Lectora to the swf file it will work. Also make sure under Title Properties in the tab "Additional files" you have added all of the above files.Regards,
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