Workaround for Translation Tool Expansion

benpitman Community Member Posts: 763
I stumbled on this quite by accident - a way to keep the file from expanding. My last one went from 1.5 mb to 34 mb !!!I was doing another course when the translated file got corrupted - Lectora blew off when I tried to import the whole course. So, I did it chapter by chapter which worked fine except for tests where I had to do it page by page. I found three pages that were bad and had to retranslate. The resulting file size was just a little bit bigger that the original - as expected. So I tried the same technique on the first one and it did NOT work. Then I remembered that one of the things I had tried was to open the RTF file with Word, copy from the SECOND CHARACTER all the way to the NEXT TO LAST, paste into WordPad and add back the missing characters. I tried that same technique with the first course and it worked like a dream !!! Very little file expansion.ben