Drag and Drop

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wfzen wrote:

Does anyone know how to pass the result of a Flash drag-and-drop to Lectora so it can be scored?
You'll have to figure out the logic in Flash whether the user got the drag and drop correct and incorrect. Make a true/false question in Lectora on the same page that the flash D&D is located. Hide the question with an action, on show > hide > question. This way it will be hidden and we can just use it as a dummy question, since its not meant for interaction but just to hold a score that Lectora understands.Get the Associated Var name from the question; look in the question properties. For instance, Question_0001.In Flash when you are ready to pass the question score to Lectora, write the following if the user got the D&D correct: flash.external.ExternalInterface.call("VarQuestion_0001.set" , "True"); Write the following if the user got the D&D incorrect: flash.external.ExternalInterface.call("VarQuestion_0001.set" , "False"); Of course you'll have to put those actionscript lines in some sort of if/then statement or something.I think that about covers it.