send LMS variable to flash

mikesowerbutts Community Member Posts: 22
Hi,I know this kind of thing has been covered before, but not very specifically.Heres the problem - i am trying to create a flash based progress bar which shows the current page the user is on in relation to the total number of pages in the chapter. Then work out the percentage completed from that.But i just cant get the javascript call from my flash animation to work!I am using:


getURL ("javascript:document[swfanim37].SetVariable('currentPage', LMSGetValue('cmi.PageInChapter'))");    getURL ("javascript:document[swfanim37].SetVariable('pagesInChapter', LMSGetValue('cmi.PagesInChapter'))");

i am aware that there are issues in regards to referencing objects when it comes to IE and Firefox, but i think document[object] works for IE? i just dont know what im doing wrong - its getting very frustrating now and sometimes fresh eyes spot the problem instantly!thanks for the help,MikeEdited By: mikesowerbutts on 2007-6-28 12:32:10
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