Great Screen Grabber FREE

stbuckley Community Member Posts: 24
I use Gadwin Printscreen. Hot Key customization, delay option, preview of captured image, starts up with windows, current window, full screen, or rectangular area that you draw, captures mouse or not, can save to clipboard for pasting, save to a file with naming conventions or to a printer, save as jpg-bmp-png-gif-tif, resizing, gray scale, image shadow option, stamp option, quality of image slider, $$FREE$$. I'm sure all these are pretty similar, the only thing I hate about printscreen utilities (even the built in windows version) is that sometimes they stop working for no reason and you have to restart to get them working again. That's why I have 2 or 3 utilities on my computer, when one stops working I try the next one. But Gadwin is my fav.