Great Screen Grabber FREE

stbuckley Community Member Posts: 24
Gadwin is pretty good - especially for the price. Here is my take. If you are going to develop elearning as a professional and you spend the majority of your time doing it and you do some kind of screen capture or build graphics in tools like PowerPoint, then the speed and flexibility of SnagIt will pay for itself in a short time. Gadwin cannot set up profiles for capturing windows, different naming, different output formats. Gadwin seems to use only one hot key. SnagIt can set up different hot keys to capture different profiles. Here are some examples. I recently built training for Lectora. I had to capture many different windows or parts thereof. I also use a lot of diagrams built in PowerPoint. I have different hot key combinations (not just a single key) for:- Capturing a dialog box in its entirety (Gadwin left off the blue border.- Capturing the center of a dialog box (just like Gadwin)- Capturing the top half of a dialog box (SnagIt allows you to set the amount that should be cropped each time and save that)- Rectangular area (same as Gadwin)- What is on the clipboard (I can just copy some things from PowerPoint and the capture it. I do this because the quality of the gif is much better than Lectora paste as gif)- An object - hover over an object or icon and it shows selected. You can do something like this with the rectangular capture but it is a pain to get it just right. - Different hot keys for different naming conventions- Gadwin has a lot of the same things you can do to the captured image like highlight areas and annotate. But you can't save them. You have to do them every time. With SnagIt you can. Anyway, if you do just a little capture, Gadwin looks like a great tool. If you ever need to do a lot, I strongly recommend you spend $$. It's like tools. I don't buy expensive power tools because I don't use them much. But if I were a professional carpenter, I sure would get good ones that worked fast, accurately, and with as little hassle as possible.