Great Screen Grabber FREE

stbuckley Community Member Posts: 24
Good tip. It's Free.Personally I use SnagIt because I can set up all kinds of hot keys and preset things like borders, resolution, etc. I set some up to grab objects, others to grab window, others to grab free areas. It locks on to windows, parts of windows, objects very cleanly. It allows you to capture the cursor or not, it allows you to stop and show the clipboard and then you can augment it with arrows, notes, shadows, borders, .... It also allows you to set automatic names. I set it up to save all the output to a folder and have the folder open so I can just drag and drop them on to the Lectora page with out manually renaming. Down side is that it costs all of $50 which I made up in time savings the first week.Edited By: Ben Pitman on 2007-6-28 9:19:8