Quick "Publish to HTML" button

Oops. Where did 8 come from? I just counted again and I only get 6/7 steps. Don't know where the 8 came from.Click the Save button first. I'm paranoid about saving, but this step has saved me more than once.Click to open Publish menuClick on "Publish to HTML"Errors window opens. Assuming no errors, click "Publish" button"Publish HTML Location" window opens. Click "OK" (assuming no changes to your publishing options)Publish window cycles through pages updated. Click "Preview" button to preview title in browser.Maybe 7 steps if you include clicking the "Done" button to close the HTML publishing window.I guess I'm used to the "Preview in Browser" functionality in Homesite/FrontPage/Dreamweaver, which previews the current HTML page in relation to other pages within a website -- therefore things like navigation buttons and images always work. The Lectora "Preview in Browser" button opens the current page in a browser, but it opens it up in a Temp folder -- so the page cannot access other assets within the title. Kind of useless when you have a page that makes use of a variable that is used on multiple pages.Edited By: smithmarkc on 2007-6-14 11:39:39