"Best Of" Examples on the Internet?

dgreen Community Member Posts: 9
Not a course necessarily, but shows some of what Lectora can do, go to my web site (below left) and see my conf. presentation under the Lectora menu. The earlier pages are kind of vanilla, but as you get to the Create Thinking Questions part, they get better. It was a presentation, not a course so keep that in mind.Also see the Lectora 2007 review on my web site. This is a review of the 2007 potential courses and shows some neat things you can do with it. Again not a course.Go to the Tools and techniques and see some other things that can be done in Lectora (some use some JavaScript). These are not courses but give you some idea of the extendability of Lectora without going too far. Especially the sliding movement and new questions. The rest are not terribly relevant to your needs.I have lots of courses that use fill in the blank on screens, matching, drag and drop to diagrams but they are all proprietary. I have been considering asking the client if I can show them if I replace all the text with pseudo-Latin. Will check on that but it will be a week before I can get back to it. Going to the ASTD conf. Oh, yeah. One more. Check out the Lectora Tips and Tricks tool kit. Maybe find some interesting capabilities there.Hope these help. If not, any specific suggestions would be helpful.