Ghastly fonts on Macs

liandor Community Member Posts: 46
I wonder if there's a way to designate the font sizes for a mac if I've optimized fonts for a PC (arial)...when I look at the same course that looks beautiful on a PC, on a mac, it looks hideous. It substitutes verdana in a much larger size and the type runs off the page, practically. My work looks amateurish...if my clients happened to look at this on a mac, they'd probably let me go. Also, what is up with the left-alignment on bullets? I have nasty indent problems on the PC if I copy and paste any text from microsoft office products, even if I paste as unicode. I have to retype everything in a new text box that is a bulleted item! (I know, don't use bullets! No, wait.. that won't work...).Thanks,Liandor
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